DuraTech® Cable SRL

Precision-engineered DuraTech® SRLs give mobile users proven performance and reliability you can depend on every day. When there's no margin for error on the job, DuraTech® SRLs deliver quick stopping power with minimal force on the body and anchorage. Each unit is quality-built with such innovations as:

  • Precision-machined aluminum alloy drums and housings
  • Dual internal inertia brake discs
  • Reliable brass pawls
  • Lightweight manganese ratchet centers
  • Robust aluminum alloy main shafts
  • Side-payout housings for reduced wear on the lifeline and orifice
  • Integrated lifeline handgrips allow secure dorsal connections

DuraTech® SRLs are available with galvanized and stainless steel lifeline options in a range of lengths to fit most overhead fall arrest applications. Meeting the industry’s highest standards, these precision-engineered SRLs bring a high level of performance in even the most challenging work environments.

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