Our Story

The 1980's
Employee sewing fabric

Quality From Day One

FallTech’s founder is one of those straight-talking guys who says what he means and does what he promises. Long before FallTech, Michael Dancyger forged a company that designed and built professional-grade tool belts solidifying his presence as an indisputable force in the construction trade. Drawing from years of hands-on manufacturing experience, he set out to redefine the fall protection segment. End-users trusted the product quality and value, and success followed. Lessons learned back then were leveraged to establish a new company you may have heard of – FallTech®.

The 1990's

We saw the need - and filled it

Back in 1992, OSHA introduced stricter and after regulations for fall protection equipment. Overnight, thousands of companies had to gear up with approved fall protection equipment or face stiff penalties. We foresaw the need and stepped in to design and manufacture fall protection equipment that enabled people to work safely and productively while complying with the new regulations. In short order, FallTech® was up and running.

Our first product, a Roofer's “Fall Protection Kit in a Bucket” included a custom, built-to-spec harness, lifeline, lanyard, fall arrestor and roof anchor. It had the quality that professionals demanded, at an attractive price.

Through the mid-90s, our growing team of safety engineers created new lines of full-body harnesses, shock-absorbing lanyards, guardrails and self-retracting lifelines (SRLs).

1999 we released our DuraTech® Cable SRL, which featured precisely controlled deceleration for minimal exposure to fall arrest forces. Soon after, we were building complimentary and innovative Web and Compact Web versions.

The Early 2000's

FallTech employees standing by a demo trailer giving a demonstration

Keeping pace with customer demand

FallTech® expanded from just a single item in 1991 to more than 85. In 2003, we outgrew our Los Angeles headquarters and moved to the wide-open spaces of Southgate. There, our safety-obsessed designers created the DuraTech® 20' Web SRL, a literal lifesaver in construction, utilities and general industry.

The Mid 2000's

Training, testing, and transparency

Between 2006 and 2016, our unstoppable work ethic led to even more growth. This included opening our FallTech® Training Center, where we teach the foundations of fall prevention. Our Safety Trainers use educational tools, videos and hands-on participation to make learning accessible and meaningful.

Next, we established our on-site ISO 17025 Accredited Test Lab, where we verify that FallTech® products meet or exceed strict ANSI Standards and OSHA Regulations. By 2014, we were invited to join and become a voting member of the ANSI/ASSP Z359 Committee.

We took an unprecedented step forward by transparently publishing product Declarations of Compliance (DOCs), and making them easily accessible on our website. More proof that building trust is our number one priority.

New products around this time included our ComforTech® Harnesses, Contractor-Series SRLs and ViewPack® Lanyards – not to mention our popular DuraTech® SRLs and WrapTech® Energy Absorbing Lanyards.

The rest of the 2000's

Never settling, always innovating

Not content with the status quo, we upped our commitment to design, innovation and customer needs. By truly listening to your input, we engineered such products as our...

  • Contractor-Series Leading Edge SRLs
  • Journeyman Flex Harness Lines
  • Advanced ComforTech® Gel Harness Lines
  • SteelGrip® Cable Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • Ironman® Energy Absorbing Lanyards
  • Tool Tethers
  • Davit Systems
  • Horizontal Lifeline Systems

The 2020's and beyond

Leading the way in fall protection solutions

As we evolve and grow for tomorrow, our vision will remain the same – to lead the industry through continuous learning, product development and engineering, training and support – all while focusing on your needs and safety.

Earning your trust continues to be our number one, hands-down, absolute top priority.