DuraTech® Mini Web SRL-P

DuraTech® Mini 6-foot Personal Web SRL-Ps deliver fall arrest performance beyond the capabilities of traditional energy-absorbing lanyards. This reliable Mini SRL has a host of fall prevention features, such as:

  • Dyneema® webbing in a wide range of single-leg and twin-leg configurations
  • Multiple steel alloy and forged aluminum anchors and dorsal connector options
  • Can be tied-off up to 5-feet below the user's D-ring for users weighing up to 310 pounds
  • Available with Kevlar® webbing for Arc Flash protection
  • Tested and documented in compliance with ANSI Z359.14-2021 standards
  • For tie-back applications, our 9-foot WrapTech® Mini provides a durable wrap-around anchorage connection that conforms to strict OSHA regulations
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