Our ViewPack® Energy Absorbing Lanyards set the standard for quality and performance. Extraordinary FallTech® features include a patented ViewPack® cover with an inspection window, as well as our WrapPack® design that fully protects the enclosed product and inspection labels.

All ViewPack® energy absorbers feature tear-away webbing for deceleration and reduction of fall forces in the event of a fall. By integrating the energy absorber pack, we offer a more comprehensive range of components, including abrasion- and UV-resistant polyester webbing, ¼" vinyl coated galvanized steel cable, or ⅝" three-strand polyester rope. These designs also feature forged alloy steel or aluminum alloy harnesses and anchorage connectors. You can also choose basic pack-style lanyards in our Soft Pack series, featuring select configurations and alloy steel connectors.

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