MARCH 2024

FallTech has achieved another fall protection first: the first Class 2 SRL designed for use in leading edge and arc flash environments. The FT-X EdgeCore Arc Flash is an evolution of FallTech’s celebrated FT-X Class 2 SRL. The original FT-X set the standard for Class 2 SRLs, featuring a versatile design tested, rated, and optimized for leading edge environments. Read more

MARCH 2024

Utility workers can share a collective sigh of relief: FallTech’s much-anticipated FT-Lineman Pro Body Belt has hit the market. The new utility belt disrupts years of normality with a bold design that delivers unrivaled comfort and adjustability.... Read more


The new patent-pending 11' FT-X™ Web SRL is ANSI Class 1 rated for anchorage at or above dorsal D-ring.   In addition, FallTech authorizes its use for below D-ring tie-off up to five feet below without leading edge hazards, outside the scope of ANSI Z359...  Read more


Linemen can now climb wood distribution and transmission poles more smoothly and quickly. Designed for exceptional user experience and performance, the new patent pending FallTech® APEX™ Pro Fall Restrict Device... Read more


FallTech designs, engineers, tests, and manufactures ANSI compliant personal self-retracting lifelines that are both lightweight and comfortable to wear. The patent-pending 8' FT-XTM Cable Class 2 Leading Edge Self Retracting Lifeline achieves this plus more while achieving ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 2 compliance.... Read more

MARCH 2022

Our mission was to design a personal leading edge self-retracting lifeline that was lightweight, comfortable to wear and meets the ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 2 Leading Edge Standard. The patent-pending groundbreaking 8' FT-X™ EdgeCore™.... Read more


FallTech® introduces the new FT-RTM Class 2 Leading Edge Series 20', 30', and 60' SRL’s engineered for those who require the optimal balance of compliance, safety, and worker efficiency when working at height.... Read more

JULY 2021

FallTech observed and listened to working women talk about their challenges and discomfort after a hard day of work wearing currently available full-body harnesses. The FT-One Fit™ enables women to now achieve a customized fit.... Read more

MAY 2021

What type of anchor should I select if I need to grip anywhere along the tool shaft comfortably, but my tool does not have a captive eye? What are some other options of anchoring tool attachments if I do not want to use tool tape? How do I safely anchor and tether my cordless drill driver?.... Read more


The FT-One™ was designed for total comfort by listening to contractors working at heights with the most challenging jobs, wearing full body harnesses all day, talk about their harness gripes. The experts at FallTech® then rolled up their sleeves and got to work addressing every complaint.... Read more


Welders working at heights perform physically challenging jobs that require precision, consistency, and control while wearing specialized welding approved full body fall protection harnesses and using fall protection gear.... Read more


FallTech’s new ratchet strap tensioner for SteelGrip Plus™ Horizontal Lifeline Systems allows workers to effortlessly setup and take down the HLL system multiple times a day reducing what once took many man hours down to mere minutes..... Read more


FT for Tools™ are ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 tested and compliant tool attachments, tool tethers, premium self-fusing no-heat tool tape, and speed clip attachment tethers, a wrist anchor attachment system, and hard hat tethers.... Read more


Observing ironworkers in extremely challenging environments and listening firsthand to their concerns informed every element of the FT-Iron's design. As a result, FT-Iron full-body harnesses are lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver in, yet they are durable... Read more

JULY 2020

Every facet of the website caters to the visitor's experience. They will find multiple pathways to locate the products that are of the most interest. The in-site search functionality includes natural language search, semantic search, smart navigation.... Read more

JULY 2020

The new Ladder Stanchion Anchors enable businesses to meet the requirements of OSHA's final rule on general industry walking-working surface and fall protection standards. These products will satisfy the... Read more

JUNE 2020

The FallTech® Grade 43 Chain Positioning Lanyards are designed for great durability and compliance. They are ideally suited for positioning or restraint applications when used in conjunction with a full body harness with side or hip D-rings. Read more

MAY 2020

The new DuraTech® SRL-R available in both 85’ and 120’ lengths and is an excellent choice for most confined space applications.FallTech also introduces both the 45’ Technora® Rope DuraTech® SRL-R, and 60’ Technora® Rope Personnel Winch. Read more

MAY 2020

Products available for sale in Canada include a broad selection of anchorages, full body harnesses, lanyards, vertical lifelines and fall arrestors, self-retracting lifelines, both overhead and personal, and other fall protection solutions. Read more

APRIL 2020

FallTech is processing orders and maintaining appropriate inventory levels to support you for standard and build-to-order items.

Our customer service team is ready to assist you by calling (800) 719-4619 or (323) 752-0066. Please wait to hear the options which will direct you to your customer service representative. Read more

APRIL 2020

FallTech has received multiple questions about the use of various disinfectants, sanitizers, chemicals, detergents, cleaning solutions, and their respective counterparts, as potential method and application for... Read more

MARCH 2020

The FallTech® Assisted Rescue Ladder is a synthetic web rescue ladder designed to assist in the rescue of a conscious and able fall victim. Deploys quickly and easily with minimal... Read more


FallTech® Post Anchors offer a complete system of modular, versatile solutions for permanent installation onto wood, concrete, and steel. Read more


The FallTech® temporary 4-person horizontal lifeline is a completely engineered system with all of the components necessary to quickly install a complete horizontal lifeline system without the use of tools... Read more


FallTech® 20' Web SRL's feature a glass-reinforced nylon housing, premium abrasion-resistant Dyneema® webbing paired with external energy-absorber to deliver quick stopping power with minimal impact to the body and... Read more


The swiveling Rebar hook provides a large gate opening for connecting to an anchorage, improved range of motion, repositioning and alignment of the Cable Anchor in various applications... Read more


FallTech® Rope Termination Plate provides a temporary and secure end termination alternative solution for ropes without pre-sliced connecting eyes and eliminates the use of knots which can severely weaken... Read more


Falltech for Tools is a complete ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 tested and compliant range of solutions that feature tool attachments, tool tethers, premium self-fusing no-heat tool tape, speed clip attachment tethers, a wrist anchor attachment system, and hard hat tethers... Read more

JULY 2019

The new re-usable Rotating Deck Anchor is designed for maximum versatility and safety with a 360° self-orienting D-ring for use in temporary... Read more

JUNE 2019

New offerings include the Adjustable Pole Hoist, a Manhole Collar Base for a range of manhole sizes, Vehicle Hitch Mount Extensions for field mobility, Barrel Mount Base, and other new items expanding the range of davit applications and capabilities... Read more

MARCH 2019

Designed for overhead anchoring and personal sternal attachment for self and assisted rescue operations, the UniDrive is a complete solution. It is available as a kit, either with a carrying bag or in a sealed barrel... Read more

MARCH 2019

"We designed our new family of DuraTech® Personal LE SRL' first and foremost to protect people working at heights from dangerous leading edge conditions..." Read more