FT-Iron Harness


SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Compton, California.

FallTech®, an original equipment manufacturer of fall protection safety products, announces the introduction of its new line of FT-Iron full-body harnesses designed especially for Iron Workers, Boiler Makers, and Steel Erectors.

These tradespeople perform extreme and physically challenging jobs. Like athletes, they must have speed and agility to do their jobs well, while wearing full body fall protection harnesses and using approved Fall Protection gear. They need their full body fall protection harnesses to facilitate doing their jobs quickly and efficiently while not slowing them down.

Observing ironworkers in extremely challenging environments and listening firsthand to their concerns informed every element of the FT-Iron's design. As a result, FT-Iron full-body harnesses are lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver in, yet they are durable. For example, additional wear material was added to the sub pelvic strap to reduce abrasion when an Iron Worker is cunning the beam.

The FT-Iron provides all-day comfort with horizontal orientation leg straps. The minimalist design and small back pad provide maximum maneuverability and ventilation and minimal heat build-up. Also, they look great and are stylish with tactical black color webbing with red contrast stitching accents. All hardware is aluminum for lighter weight and maximum functionality.

Part Number

FT-Iron Full Body Harness 1 D-Ring Standard Non-Belted
Dual Size S/M, Quick Connect Legs and Chest
Dual Size L/XL, Quick Connect Legs and Chest
Dual Size 2X/3X, Quick Connect Legs and Chest
Dual Size S/M, Tongue Buckle Legs/Quick Connect Chest
Dual Size L/XL, Tongue Buckle Legs/Quick Connect Chest
Dual Size 2X/3X, Tongue Buckle Legs/Quick Connect Chest


Since 1991, FallTech, a leading U.S. manufacturer, fuses all fall protection safety with technology into state-of-the-art fall protection solutions. With our in-house ISO 17025 accredited test lab, we ensure that FallTech solutions meet or exceed ANSI, CSA, and OSHA standards. We are committed to our products performing in the most demanding field conditions, combined with reliable performance, value, and outstanding service.

Press contact: Greg Rewers, FallTech, at  (800) 719-4619