Energy Absorbing Lanyards

FallTech® Energy Absorbing Lanyards provide a vital connection between your harness and anchoring point. Should a fall occur, these innovative lanyards reduce forces exerted on the body to safer levels. When activated, the inner core material elongates and decelerates the user smoothly, thus reducing fall impact forces. Our energy absorbing lanyards come in a range of materials and configurations, including:

  • Webbing, rope, and steel cable
  • Single or double-leg design
  • External and internal energy absorbers in either elastic or fixed lengths up to 6 feet.



Our ViewPack® Energy Absorbing Lanyards set the standard for quality and performance. Extraordinary FallTech® features include a patented ViewPack cover with an inspection window, as well as our WrapPack® design that fully protects the enclosed product and inspection labels.


All FallTech® ElasTech® lanyards feature abrasion- and UV-resistant tubular polyester webbing and a full-length internal POY energy absorber. These features allow them to maintain a low-profile and flexible design for added comfort.

An internal elastic twin-leg energy absorbing lanyard hanging
Construction worker climbing rebar attached with a Standard Internal Energy Absorbing lanyard


Featuring abrasion- and UV-resistant tubular polyester webbing and a full-length internal POY energy absorber, these internal lanyards maintain the lowest profile and lightest weight available for single and double-leg configurations.


Ironman® Dual-Class Energy Absorbing Lanyards are the essential solution to challenging worksite anchorage conditions. Each lanyard provides controlled deceleration to arrest average fall forces experienced in both overhead 6-foot free fall and foot-level 12-foot free fall conditions for users up to 310 lb.

An internal elastic twin-leg energy absorbing lanyard hanging


FallTech® Leading Edge cable lanyards boast the combined protection of featuring ¼" coated galvanized steel cable legs and our ViewPack® Dual-class 12-foot free fall energy absorber. The cable legs provide abrasion and cut resistance in work conditions with sharp and leading edges, and the energy absorber is ideally suited for foot-level tie-off.


For site and user-specific conditions, FallTech® provides a range of solutions to meet your exacting needs, including WrapTech®, Heavyweight® Internal Series, and Coated-Series lanyards.

Twin leg specialty application energy absorbing lanyard hanging from scaffolding
Arc flash and welding energy absorbing lanyard laid to show the shock pack and snap hooks


Built to withstand at-height arc flash events and provide superior protection from current flow in electrically charged work environments, all FallTech® Arc Flash Lanyards are 3rd-party tested to meet ASTM F887 standards.